BC Launches ABCS Digital Workouts for 20/21

BC Launches ABCS Digital Workouts for 20/21

Introduced initially during the Spring of 2020, BC United will now be offering year-round agility, balance, coordination, and strength (ABCS) training to all of its players.

The ABCS program will be delivered via the Kahoot! platform that players have previously used for online learning with BC United, allowing us to not just physically help our players, but teach them about how the body works in a short interactive lesson why it is so important to maintain an active and healthy lifestyle.

Programming has been built out by our NETA and ACE certified fitness Coach, Jacquie Zona, who has previously executed programming in person for BC United players during off-season periods.

Coach Jacquie echoes the importance of not just exercising but understanding the exercises and how they affect your body, "A huge part of preventing injuries is knowing how to strengthen and stretch your muscles and it's impossible to do this without some understanding of how they work. The aim is here is that players can be more educated in their bodies, preventing injury through increased muscular support and also being able to recognize if something doesn't feel right so we can help them prevent it from being a long term injury, negatively impacting their time on the field", she says.

As a Club, we want to ensure that our players are developing the correct muscle groups that aid their ability to play Soccer, and not just taking part in random or non-specialized lifting routines that may reduce flexibility or range of motion, and we feel this is a brilliant step forward to achieve that. 



The ABCS platform launches mid-August once we return from our two-week hiatus and kick off the 20/21 season. 

See you on the pitch!