BC Partners with AIR Physical Therapy

BC Partners with AIR Physical Therapy


BC United announced today that the Club has made AIR Physical Therapy their official physical therapy partner. AIR Physical Therapy offers a comprehensive suite of therapeutic services to clients in Beaver, Butler and Lawrence counties, and will provide free Sports Injury consultations to BC United players as part of an ongoing relationship with the Club.

“Our coaches and advisory board are acutely aware of repetitive motion injuries among young athletes, especially young ladies," said BC United Technical Director Walter Clapton. "Our high-school-aged players already receive strength and flexibility training each week at AIR Fitness to ensure recovery and range-of-motion after multiple practices or games each week," he said.

“It was common sense then to extend that program to therapeutic recovery as well.  Parents who might be concerned about sore or painful joints and muscles now have best-in-class therapists at their disposal," continued Clapton.  "The relationship between BC United and AIR Physical Therapy and Fitness is key to the development of our players and program," Clapton said.

Founded in 2002, AIR Physical Therapy and Fitness is located in Ellwood City, Pennsylvania. The owner, Dan Zelch, is a board-certified Orthopaedic Clinical Specialist. From its inception, AIR has grown to become the area’s largest independently owned physical therapy and fitness facility. The design of the newly constructed facility allows for every patient to have a private room to exercise and receive treatment. The staff at AIR Physical Therapy recognizes that patients can choose any facility, so it is their goal to make sure every visit is productive and comfortable.

In conjunction with AIR Physical Therapy, AIR Fitness is conveniently located in the same facility, offering patients additional access to state-of-the-art fitness equipment and classes. AIR Fitness is home to BC United's Sports Performance Training Center, led by Strength and Agility Coach Jacquie Zona, a NETA-certified Sports Performance Trainer.

Speaking with Owner, Dan Zelch, he said, “AIR Physical Therapy and Fitness is excited to partner with BC United players, families and coaches as their rehab and fitness consultants.  In working with Mr. Clapton the past few years informally, I appreciate and support BC United in their holistic approach to the players well being both on and off the pitch.  In this sense, injury prevention has always been part of BC United – however, inevitably, injuries happen and AIR is pleased to be able to partner with BC United to offer free physical therapy consults to the programs participants.”

BC United takes pride in being an age-appropriate player development program that looks further than the game this weekend. BC United seeks to:

  • Provide our players proven advanced soccer training, developed and tested by one of the country's leading programs.
  • Provide our teams a dedicated, professional coaching staff.
  • Provide our players and families with the latest in sports fitness programs, minimizing injuries.
  • Provide our players with the skills and tools to become leaders throughout their adult lives.
  • Strengthen our local high school programs by developing skilled players. Click here to see BC United's player development model.
  • Nurture local Community soccer through outreach and technical planning.



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