BC United announces partnership with Techne Futbol!

BC United announces partnership with Techne Futbol!

New Year, New Skills!

As we move into 2020, BC has been working on how to integrate technology with Soccer development. We strive to offer our players a top-notch environment and understand that the modern world and the modern game of soccer goes far beyond the field of play.

BC is pleased to announce that it is the only Club in Western PA able to offer a ball mastery app to its players, to work on their skills at home!

The Techne App was created to help players develop their ball mastery at home with guidance and content from Yael Averbuch, former U.S. National Team and professional soccer player. Watch the video at the bottom!

What does this mean for my BC player?

  • Compete with your teammates and the rest of the Club to see who logs the most hours a week and/or month!
  • Develop your ball skills at home!
  • Win store credit and exclusive gear for logging the most hours each month!

How can my BC player use Techne?

Visit www.technefutbol.com to read more about Techne!