Better By The Dozen

Better By The Dozen

Despite the ongoing protocols involved in safely and effectively continuing operations of a successful soccer club, BC United's winter transfer season has put a smile on the faces of BC United's coaching staff.  Faced with the daunting challenge of interacting with new players through masks, distancing, facility restrictions, and cancellations, players continue to want to don the purple shirt.

"The last year has been a challenge for everyone involved in youth sports," said Colton Bly, Director of Coaching at BC United.  "The pandemic and resulting safe play protocols have changed operations in a wide variety of ways, but the biggest impact has been signing players to the club.  Though I've been in the role for just two months, I am definitely happy with the interest that new players are showing in BC United."

Beginning in December, BC United signed twelve new players over seven different teams, with eight of those players signing since Bly joined the club on January 4th.  "The club was positioned really well through December and January, with an outdoors training schedule that followed safe play protocols and allowed trial players to work with their squad over a number of sessions," Bly said, "but we're not done.  We still have more than a dozen players in various stages of trials with seven different teams at the club."  

"We aren't seeking out specific players for specific teams, rather, we're looking for players who are committed to improving," said Bly.  "We want players who want to learn, who want to contribute to the team and improve off the field as well as on."  The new signings are joining at just the right time, according to Bly.  "As spring approaches, we're adding new coaches, new programs and resources, and more opportunities for our players.  For players, coaches and myself, it's a fantastic time to be at BC United."

For more information on trialing at BC United, follow this link.