Continuing to Grow

Continuing to Grow

2018/19 Season was a big year for BC. It saw the Club go from 5 teams to 12 teams after only being in operation for 14 months. It was a great feeling knowing that people were talking about our program and really understanding why we are the way we are. 300% growth from 2017 is no mistake, 


Sometimes, we are misunderstood, and people expect us to be like a ‘Classic’ Club. Playing in the same League’s and following the same schedule. A little background, PA West by-laws state there can only be 12 Classic Clubs, which there are, so it is unattainable classification. With that being said we try to distance ourselves from the typical operations that are seen at the majority of Clubs in Western PA, we want to be known as different. 


The main reason I distance the Club, is because, well, we are different. We charge under $1,000 a year for practices, games, tournaments, with a Winter League and practices included in that cost. We work with over 8 Community Clubs to help their operations and increase the standard of their local players. We listen to our parents and continuously change our Club based on our parent’s needs.


When people hear ‘Classic’ Soccer, there is an immediate association to a dollar amount, an experience, a stereotype. The only stereotype that I want at BC, is that we constantly evolve to meet the needs of Youth Football Players in Western PA.


Many people have had bad experiences at a ‘Classic’ Club, and generally, do not have another option for Competitive Soccer for their child. It turns into going from Club to Club in the ‘Classic’ circuit to try and find a good fit. I want to make sure that there is another option, that is not ‘Classic’, with high-level coaching and competitive game-play at a reasonable cost, so that parents and players can have an alternative to their player's Football development.


If you are interested in joining BC United, then please click here to register for our tryouts that span from June 3rd to June 12th 2019, with two tryout days per age group in-case that day or time doesn’t work for you.


Any questions or queries can be sent to Director of Football, Walter Clapton,