| dē ˌen ˈā |

“the fundamental and distinctive characteristics or qualities of someone or something”


When you play with BC United, it is more than just Soccer. Everyone talks about values learnt through sports, but how many actively promote those values and discuss them with the players?

Sports gives you the opportunity to display qualities that make you more than just a great athlete. Sport gives you the opportunity to practice, preach, and show the qualities that are going to make you a successful friend, worker, and member of the community during your life.

So, what is BC United’s DNA? What are our values? And what do we teach our young men and women?



We are mindful of others’ emotions and opinions and treat others how we want to be treated

Whether you are interacting with your Mom/Dad, siblings, friends, teammates, or the cashier at the Grocery store, you need to be aware of other people’s emotion and opinions when interacting with them, accept that they may have different views, as do you on certain topics. Help others around you, with acts of kindness and generosity that demonstrate our common ground to be good human beings.


We work harder than the others. We want it more than the rest. We demonstrate a great work ethic

Working hard costs nothing. And in everything we do, we give it our best. We do not settle for anything less; we cannot lower our standards.


We work together as team to identify, reflect and solve individual and team problems 

‘Learn from other people’s experiences’. Work with your teammates and your coach, to solve problems on and off the field. It is very important that you learn how to communicate with different people to achieve a common goal, in and outside of soccer. You will always find different experiences and opinions by talking to different types of people. Make sure you equip yourself with the ability to leverage those experiences and opinions to solve problems.


We strive for high standards on and off the field and do not want to settle for anything less 

Act with the utmost integrity on and off the field, be honest and true to your words. Operate with good moral ethics, demonstrating the right thing at all times, even if it may be the more challenging option.


We are proud to be different, challenging the ’norm’ to form our own, for our clubs needs

You are part of a Club where the coaches care about each and every player as if they were their own. We work endlessly and tirelessly on discussing how we are going to create great Soccer players and great people. Our mission is to improve our standards all the time. There is no other Club in the area that can offer the value that we currently do. We challenge every other Club around us to adopt the same mission! We are proud of the standards we are trying to improve daily.

  • Registration covers everything below
  • “B” or “C” Head Coaching for every team
  • “D” Assistant Coaches for every team
  • Two practices per week Fall and Spring for every team
  • One practice per week in Winter for every team
  • Fall and Spring Premier League Play (9v9 & 11v11)
  • Winter Indoor League Play (7v7, 9v9 & 11v11)
  • FREE Goalkeeper Training for every team


Wear the BC badge with pride and understanding of everything it represents!