Our People, Our Process, Our Outcome

Our People, Our Process, Our Outcome

Our People, Our Process and Our Outcome

Since January of 2017, we have been offering quality training with professional coaching, in a fresh new structure that gives parents and players greater affordability than what they have previously had access to at this level of Football in Western PA.

We made ourselves one of the most efficient programs for parents, players and coaches, while making sure players are in an environment where their development is nurtured season long, in a 10-week development block carefully designed by the Club Director of Football, so that there is a clear outline and identity to players developed at BC United.

Our People

BC takes pride in its staff, attracting professionals with a growth mindset that put the players at the forefront of everything they do in the training space.

BC goes into 2019/20 with Club Director of Football, Walt Clapton, and Phase Leader Lee Barnes, both UEFA “C” License Holders, in Head Coach roles. Brandon Rea and Brandon Pettner (USSF “D” License) will maintain Assistant Coach roles within the Club.

“Minimum requirements in licensing allows us to make sure we operate with a minimum standard and attract Head Coaches that are serious about player education, by educating themselves on current best practices in US Soccer”, said DoF Walt Clapton.

Our coaches are equipped with the qualifications, knowledge, and organizational support to plan and deliver age-appropriate exercises that meet the needs of our players.

“Currently we have over 4 Apprentices that are working towards their USSF Licenses, shadowing Head Coaches, studying the game, to prepare themselves for Assistant roles in the near future. Alongside developing players, we have to help develop. 

Our Process

We pride ourselves on a learning environment that is second-to-none in Western PA. As of 2019/20, U9 to U14 teams will be practicing twice per week with High School teams four times per week inclusive of Strength and Injury Prevention.

Training is the most important thing we do, it is where the magic happens. All learning takes place here. Players are immersed into an environment where they learn the complexity of the game, given the tools to comfortably execute roles and responsibilities on game day.

Games are an opportunity for players to display what is learned at practice. They test the veracity of concepts worked on in the training space. Games are meaningless if the efforts of players at training do not meet the required standards.

Games are played in a variety of formats. League play, tournament play, and new for the 2019/20 season, we will be looking at taking a group on an International Trip.

Our Outcome

While our emphasis is on development and we do not judge our players progress by wins and losses, it is natural that if the focus and work rate in training is correct, that there will be success on gameday and tournament play.

This is evident as since June 2017 BC United has 7 x Championship Wins in Tournament Play and 11 x Finalists.  

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