The Development Process at BC

The Development Process at BC

Our Staff at BC United are poised to create and execute the best learning environment possible for our players. We take player development seriously at all ages and have carefully crafted each session, along with its learning objectives, its terminology and it’s required outcome for the players. 

Training is the most important aspect of becoming a better player. Period. The Global standard for training to game ratio has been shown to be at 4:1, Training:Game.

This comes as no surprise, seeing as though during a game a player may touch the ball 10 times total, compared to getting 100 times more touches in the warm up of a training session. That’s a scary statistic given the chants we hear from parents sometimes about, ‘more games, more games’. Games are merely the time to make sure that concepts learned at training are understood.

The Training Space is where the magic happens, it’s where we get to work on isolated tactical scenarios, it’s where we are able to develop technical proficiency with a high amount of ball contact. No one can argue against this fact: The Training Space is where players have the biggest Footballing gains. In turn, we expect players to train with the utmost integrity, concentration, and effort, at all times.

A quality training environment must be provided. The environment must canvas all four aspects of player development. Technical, Tactical, Psycho-Social, and Physical.


All sessions at BC incorporate a technical aspect. At the younger ages it is imperative the technical side is high, and although at the older ages it should not be as much of a focus, technical warm-ups are a must as they put players in the right mindset for what is to come during the ‘meat’ of the session. It does not matter what age, a strong technical base is a MUST-HAVE for any player. You cannot play the game properly without it.


There needs to be a tactical aspect to ALL sessions. This may come in the form of individual positional awareness, team structure and also the strategy of breaking an opposing team down. BC players receive indirect and direct instruction about all the above. At younger age groups, coaches cleverly disguise the tactical gains within the session layout, language and structure. At the older age groups, players have a higher level of understanding, good communication skills, and a greater problem-solving ability, this allow for more direct, phase play orientated instruction.


This is very important for the players. At all ages, U4 to the Professional Level, players need to have fun and be in the right mindset to develop. Let’s not get fun confused with goofing off. The concept of Fun changes at different stages of a player’s life and development, and as coaches we have to shape and teach what that looks and feels like for our players.

As instructors, we have a duty to make sure that we create an environment that instills a love for the game while demonstrating why hard work, team-skills, and professionalism are life skills that are so intrinsically rewarding and beneficial as they become young adults.

BC coaches are always looking and learning to make sure we know what makes a player ‘tick’ and respond, getting the best out of that player in any given scenario to make sure that the learning experience is always reinforced with enjoyment and self-fulfillment.


The physical aspect seems to be different club to club, generally linked to speed and strength. However, we don’t believe that either of those prohibits a player from playing at a certain level. Messi, Pirlo, Scholes, Coutinho **Coff, Coff**.

The physical corner for our programming is built upon making sure our players can execute sessions with opposed pressure and use their body effectively to obtain the desired outcome. We want to make sure that we compete from an aerobic (fitness) standpoint, which means as staff we have to build sessions with an intensity level/demand that builds aerobic fitness. Players play, Runners run. We aren’t runners.

Within training and/or games, BC quickly understands our players, their needs, and builds the four corner model above around them, to make sure that as we develop and execute sessions, we are creating the best possible environment that allows our players to flourish and be nurtured along their footballing career.  

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