Tryouts? We do Trials.

Tryouts? We do Trials.

Here at BC United, we do 'tryouts' a little different than other clubs. We want to create an environment that doesn't put pressure or stress on children. They shouldn't be worried about 'making' a team. They should be worried about enjoying the biggest sport on the planet. Come and try BC United.

This is a Trial, not a Tryout.

'New' players will train alongside a current, or proposed BC United team, in their regular training sessions. Being able to experience what a real BC session is like. Our Professional Staff Coaches will run a 60 to 75-minute session, to give your child an authentic experience of what playing for BC would feel like. 

We cannot stress more that your child needs to enjoy the environment he/she is in. How do you know if your child likes the Coach if he/she is stood there with a clipboard and has no interactions with your son/daughter?

When you check-in at one of our trials, your child will be given a label with their name on. Coaches and players will interact with them by name. We don't do numbers, because they aren't just a number to us.

We want to make sure we create the most realistic environment for your sons and daughters, so you can make an informed, developmental decision on your child's Soccer Club.

All players will have a 'home', BC Technical Staff will place players on appropriate teams within the Club, reflective of their development needs.

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