Who We Are

About Us

BC United is the result of multiple clubs, across multiple PA West districts, that have come together to change the landscape of Soccer in Western Pennsylvania. Sharing infrastructures, these clubs have slashed direct costs, bringing the cost of Premier Level Soccer, below $1,000. 

Our partners help us bring our direct costs down, and in exchange, BC United will not accept a partners player into BC United's Academy unless they have been withdrawn from the respective partner club for at least 2 seasons or 12 months. If you do not play for a partner club district that is helping us bring parent cost down, then you are not bound to this commitment and can play for us solely.

If you are interested in retention at your club and would like to inquire about becoming a BC United Partner, please contact Technical Director Walter Clapton at clapton@beavercountyunited.com

We offer all participants career professional coaches that are licensed from USSF, FA, and other National Associations, that deliver development plans tried and tested across some of the countries leading youth development programs and state associations. 

BC United is a true player development program that aims to make sure that all players reach their respective High School programs being a complete player, coming through our player development pathway. 

Our program is built with strong ties to local community teams, offering players the camaraderie of their community teams and advanced, professional coaching and play with BC United's program.

BC takes pride in being an age-appropriate player development program that looks further than the game this weekend. 

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Our Mission

  • Provide our players with proven advanced soccer training, developed and tested across the country. 
  • Provide our teams a dedicated, professional coaching staff.
  • Provide our players and families with the latest in sports fitness programs, minimizing injuries.
  • Increase the standard of soccer in Western PA.
  • Strengthen our local high school programs by developing skilled players. 
  • Nurture local Community soccer through outreach and technical planning.


  • Head Coaches are USSF A, B or C Licensed. 
  • Full-time coaches, dedicated to the Club.
  • Assistant Coaches USSF "D" Licensed.