Bala Town - BC United Partnership

Bala Partnership

BC United and Bala Town F.C. have formed a partnership in the interest of developing players and coaches for both Clubs.  

As part of the agreement, BC United and Bala Town:

  • have agreed to participate in an Wales --> US exchange student program.  Welsh players who have interest in visiting and studying abroad will be able to attend High School with a BC United Partner Program.
  • have agreed to participate in a US --> Wales exchange student program.  Players in Beaver and Butler County who have interest in studying in the UK will be able to study in Wales and play soccer with Bala Town.
  • will exchange coaches in an enrichment program that will allow coaches from both Clubs to experience the game in a different country, learning the best practices of a new football authority.
  • will host a Bala Town summer camp in the US at BC United facilities.
  • will provide an opportunity for teams from each Club to do a summer tour in Wales or the US.
  • have agreed that Bala Town will provide a supporters discount to BC United players and parents to purchase Bala Town merchandise and grow the Bala Town brand in the US.