Our Vision, Mission and Philosophy

BC United PDP Vision

‘To be a leader in player development nationwide, demonstrating excellence and best practice to be one of the major developers of players within PA West, the state, and eventually the country.'

Mission Statement

“Directors and staff of BC United are committed to identifying talented boys and girls, in doing so, providing quality licensed coaching, combined with an environment that promotes and builds respectful, hard-working, team-orientated young adults. We will continuously strive to lessen the financial burden of Club Soccer and continue to increase its availability."


  • BC United's PDP has been shaped by the modern game, with the aim of continual safe, positive, player-orientated learning environment, with a vision that develops players for the today, tomorrow, and the future. 
  • We are a learning organization from the top, we want to extend that outlook and thought process down to our players. We push for independent decision makers thinking outside the box, allowing them to take responsibility for their actions, good or bad. 
  • From the PDP's sampling phase to investment phase, the ‘SI FORTIS FORTĒS’ development program will provide a podium to produce highly creative players with strong technical and tactical abilities. 
  • All BC United Academy teams are expected to display a competitive mentality in all practice and game environments, with the emphasis of how to win, while demonstrating all the principles of fair play and respect for all opponents. 
  • All BC United teams will learn the organization preferred formations as part of each player's individual positioning game understanding, these are: 1-2-3-1 (7v7), 1-3-4-1 (9v9), 1-4-3-3 (11v11). 
  • Teams will be taught to, and promoted to, keep width and depth when in possession. Trying to attain controlled possession to play through the thirds out from the back when possible, identifying opportunities to progress forwards and create a scoring opportunity with innovative independent thinking.
  • Players are expected to be able to have sufficient use of both feet while progressing through the pathway. 
  • Players will be afforded the opportunity to play in multiple positions during their time in the PDP to promote their whole game understanding and awareness. 
  • BC United's ‘SI FORTIS FORTĒS’ development program will provide the tactical principals of defending within a team unit and individually, including the defensive and offensive transition desired outcomes.
  • During all skills acquisition, we encourage players to understand why, when, and where when executing all technical and tactical decisions.
  • Coaches will use multiple teaching styles that will be flexible to cater to all learners, with a preference of Question & Answer and Guided Discovery across the phases to promote self thinking. 
  • All our technical coaching sessions will demonstrate the relationship between training and matches with a learning environment will be stimulating, challenging, expressive and enjoyable.

Our Field of Values